The I.M.C.S. has been providing professional advise / services to Marine Industry for almost 3 decades. Our list mainly consists of following services, but not limited to, because our motto is, “We can assist our clients for any specific problems, where expert advise is required”.

Condition Surveys
Providing the P&I Clubs / underwriters with the condition of vessel. I.M.C.S. has been providing this service to major P&I Clubs for inspecting General Cargo, Container, Reefer Vessels, Tankers, LPG Carriers etc.

Pre-purchase Surveys
Providing prospective buyers the condition of vessel, before buying.

Pre-Entry Surveys
Providing the P&I Clubs, the condition of vessel, before underwriting.

P&I Surveys, Investigations
We offer surveys and related investigation for all matters related to P&I, including follow up surveys, as necessary.

Pre-shipment Surveys
We offer Pre-shipment / Loss Prevention Surveys for Steel Cargoes, Rice, Sugar, Tapioca, etc.

Loading, Discharging Supervision
We offer continuous Loading / Discharge supervision on board for various cargoes.

Containerized Cargo
We offer inspection of Reefer and Dry Container cargo.

Project Cargoes
The company also handles loading / discharging and enroute surveys for project cargoes arriving / leaving Thailand, including air cargo, on behalf of several major cargo underwriters.

Inspection of Terminals / Warehouses
We conduct Safety / Loss Prevention Surveys of terminals and warehouses.

General Condition Surveys
Conducting On-hire and Off-hire Condition on Charterer’s and Owner’s behalf.

On / Off Hire Bunker Surveys
In order to avoid disputes, we offer bunker quantity surveys at the time of On-Hire, Off- Hire and supply of bunker to vessels.

Tally / Hatch Sealing
We offer the services of Tally Checking and Hatch Sealing.